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Low Internet Bandwidth
Low Internet Bandwidth

Works seamlessly in low internet bandwidth areas and ensures faster video streaming even when internet speed is as low as 256 KBPS.

Least Internet Data Consumption
Least Internet Data Consumption

Consumes Internet data in the range of 100 - 400 MB for a session of one hour for students; Enables them to go for cheaper data plans.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Uses 3-level authorization and military grade encryption. Individual user credentials. Allows a user to login from only one device at a time.

Multi-lingual Support

Multi-lingual Support

Supports course, batch, subject names, e-mail & SMS notifications, interactive quiz and assessments in multiple languages.

What is ZeClassroom?

ZeClassroom is an online classroom provided by Zermelo Technologies for conducting online classes as guided sessions which allows only moderators (Teachers/ Lecturers/ Trainers) and students from that class to attend the session preventing any chance of misuse. Moderators can conduct live sessions (audio + video) that are fully encrypted, with students using this platform. Moderators can share screen / any single application in their system. Live chat is available for moderators and students to communicate / collaborate. Students can raise hand in case they have any queries. When a student joins a live session the attendance of the student is marked automatically.
Moderators can bulk upload student data into the system. Moderators can also set timetable for students. The timetable for the moderators will be auto generated by ZeClassroom.
ZeClassroom is available over browser (Chrome or Firefox) and no installation is required on the local machine.

Rural Education

ZeClassroom for rural Education

It is said that “The future of India lies in its Villages”. As per the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation around 65% people of India lives in rural areas and 35% lives in urban areas as of 2020. The progress of our country depends on empowering the rural population and education plays a major role in their upliftment. The choice of right technology and resources along with right minds together can bring a revolutionary change in educating the students from rural areas. This led to our research in finding the fundamental problems in conducting online classes in rural areas.

Key problems faced in rural schools

  • The main hindrance in conducting full-fledged online classes in rural areas is the availability of high-speed Internet for students and parents as well as for educators in rural areas.
  • Most video conferencing softwares consume high internet bandwidth which leads to slow video streaming and loss of internet data for students.
  • Purchasing costly internet data packs is unaffordable for parents in rural areas.
  • Students are currently dependent on multiple tech solutions for attending Online Classes. They rely on different apps for sharing documents, video conferencing, online exams, viewing study materials and recorded videos, etc. which makes education and learning cumbersome for students and educators.
  • Security issues have been reported in many of the existing Online Classroom softwares where unknown participants attend these classes creating a panic among the students and the educators.
  • Students may not prefer to install too many apps due to lack of free space in their devices and security issues.


Our main intent is to make education accessible to the students of rural areas. We believe in what Swami Vivekananda said that “If the poor cannot come to education, education must reach them at the plough, in the factory, everywhere”. Hence we provide ZeClassroom for free to institutions of rural areas who do not charge any fee from their students for the education / infrastructure provided to the students.
In order to meet our expenditure and support the cause, we will charge a nominal fee from institutions of urban areas who charge fee from their students.

How do we bridge the gap

  • Educators from any part of the globe can use ZeClassroom to connect with students in rural areas. This paves the way for students to get connected to the best educators virtually breaking their geographic boundaries.
  • In case students do not have mobile devices for connecting to the educators, students can go to their respective schools where a device (laptop + projector) can be set up for a certain number of students (if required with social distancing) and they can attend the classes / trainings imparted by the educators sitting eslewhere in the world.
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ZeClassroom offers you the below features irrespective of the plan you choose.All features of ZeClassroom are available over browser (Chrome or Firefox) and no installation required on the local machine.

Online Sessions
Online Sessions Moderators can conduct live sessions with students using audio and video conferencing.
Students Attendance
Students Attendance Automatic capture of student attendance while joining a live session and duration of attending each session.
Timetable Moderators can set weekly timetable for students. Moderator's timetable will be auto generated.
Online Assessments
Online Assessments Moderators can set multiple choice questions and students can take time bound assessments online.
Interactive Quiz
Interactive Quiz Moderators can conduct a quiz during the live session and students can answer the multiple choice question.
Institution Branding
Institution Branding Institution Logo and Institution Name will be present in every screen of ZeClassroom after login.
Study Materials
Study Materials Moderators can upload study materials of a particular subject and students can download study materials.
Multi-lingual Support
Multi-lingual Support Course,Batch,Subject Names, Email & SMS notifications, Online Quiz & Assessment can be in multi-lingual.
Bulk Upload Users Data
Bulk Upload Users Data Designated persons can bulk upload users in one go as part of induction into ZeClassroom.
Email and SMS
Email and SMS Students will receive automated Email and SMS with credentials as part of induction into ZeClassroom.
Stats and Reports
Stats and Reports Management and parents will get stats and reports of the conducted sessions for assessment.
No Installation Required
No Installation Required ZeClassroom works with web browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox) and no App or installation is required.
Least Internet Bandwidth
Least Internet Bandwidth Faster video Streaming as least possible internet bandwidth is used and it saves internet data.
Integrated Viewer
Integrated Viewer Students can view the uploaded study materials using an integrated document + image viewer.
Streaming Video Player
Streaming Video Player Students can view the recorded video sessions with the integrated streaming video player.

Pricing Plans

ZeClassroom offers a very affordable pricing with no hidden charges.
There is no minimum commitment and you can pay as you go.

Without Recording

With Recording

7500 Students
1200 Daily Sessions
250 Teachers
19 Happy Clients

Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition of ZeClassroom in the EdTech domain.

Best Virtual Teamwork Solution
Peoples Choice

ZeClassroom has been awarded as the second runner up in GESAwards 2020 (India level) for the most promising Edtech Startups.


ZeClassroom is selected as one of the finalists in Eureka 2020, Asia's largest business model competition.

Zermelo Technologies recognized by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India.

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